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The elders now have a system in place for submitting prayer requests.

This sounds like a different issue unless there were actually churches live streaming on a Tuesday, which is highly unlikely unless you were listening to funeral services. Could you reply back to confirm if you were listening to archived sermons or listening to sermons live, as in, as they were happening in real time?

Add to this request: also control playback via Bluetooth devices

Thanks for you using our feedback system. 

Regarding notifications if you view the prayer request but don't click "I Prayed," we are using the built in operating systems' notification mechanisms and this is functioning per normal behavior. System notifications don't keep notifying the user once a user has taken initial action on it (either by dismissing it or viewing the prayer request.)

The Bluetooth issue is not actually a bug (in that there is nothing broken), but it is a feature the app lacks. Your issue is tied to a couple of Feature Requests that have been already posted and will be considered together: allow app playback to be controlled by Bluetooth devices, headphones, and on the lock screen widget. 

Thanks for letting us know what you are experiencing. All devices we have access to are working correctly and showing current sermons. Can you verify that the devices you are testing on are running the latest version of the app? Have you quit and restarted the apps? Please report back.

Thanks for the clarification. What you describe must be specific to Android. I'm not seeing it on my iOS device. We'll look into it.