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As mentioned in previous post, AC Central is designed to continue playing even while using other apps (unless, of course you get a phone call or the other app is playing audio) and additional testing here confirms that it is operating normally on iOS and Android, which leads me to believe this issue is specific to your particular device (hardware or software). We'll leave this ticket open for a little while longer to see if others might be having the same problem. If we don't hear from numerous others, then it will be closed.

That is not supposed to happen. Have you made sure your app and operating system is up to date? Are you on iOS or Android.

Please provide more info about this. What do you mean by "shutting down"? It is already possible for AC Central to be running in the background while using other apps. If there is an OS or app update available, please update, try again, and report back with more detail about your issue, and whether you or on Apple or Android.

There are so many good, free, Bible apps available, that this has not been a focus for us, but if we get enough votes for it, it might be considered.

We've had this feature in the iOS version of the app for quite a while. Recent versions of Android OS now support playback speed options so we'll look into implementing it on Android as well. Thanks for pointing this out. Our team primarily uses iOS so sometimes Android differences don't get as much attention.

Caleb - regarding organizing the hymns by book, we'd love to do that but are currently prohibited from doing it for most of our hymn books since the compilations themselves are copyrighted.

Glad to hear reinstalling fixed it for you.

iOS or Android? Try deleting and re-installing the app and reporting back. We have not had any other reports of this, but if other users are experiencing the same thing, hopefully they will vote up this potential bug.

We have not been able to replicate this in our testing. We'll leave this post open for a little while longer to see if others vote on it. If not, we'll close it as it appears to be specific to your device or internet connection.