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Thanks for letting us know. However, in order to be able to address this issue, we need more detail - please describe what you mean by "not work very well"?

Thanks for your feedback on the daily prayer feature. Gateway normally has 7 slots per month, but that does vary based on what's going on in a given month. We already do feature a couple missionaries each month, any specific needs a ministry project has, and have also been including prayer requests for small churches HarvestCall is currently bolstering (Austin and St. Louis.) That could be expanded to other small churches if those churches can send their requests in through HarvestCall's Church Establishment Committee. You have a great idea about including prayers for elder activities, such as the forum. We will reach out to the elders to find out if they can provide requests.

Please provide more info. Sermons can currently be filtered by/searched for all of the above (go to magnifying glass icon). Are you requesting that, for instance, you see ALL sermons in the given view but they are ordered alphabetically by minister name, or OT, NT, etc.?

Thanks for pointing this out. Apparently the batch upload process used to bring in all the Zion's Harp midi files disregarded the numbers in the file names. It is now fixed. However, any previously downloaded hymns with incorrect or missing midis will need to be deleted and redownloaded, and it could take awhile for your app to refresh and clear it's cache before you see the correct midis.

Thanks for your input. Prayer requests are submitted by the respective AC ministry organizations and as such, are reviewed by their appropriate authorities prior to submission. AC Central admins are not in a role to screen for this type of thing, especially given the wide range of convictions on issues.

Please provide more detail about this suggestion. It is not clear what is being requested.