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When searching for singings using the search / filter function, you need to type "singing" into the "Search keywords" field, which on Apple devices is hard to see. (A recent glitch changed the background of that field to gray.)

Regarding adding hymns, we are dependent upon volunteers to type all the lyrics and create the music. Unfortunately, they don't move too quickly.

Currently, the app contains Zion's Harp, Hymns of Zion, Hymns of Christmas, Zion's Melodies and a majority of Tabernacle Hymns, which is the book currently in process.

Using the Search / Filter function in the app (the magnifying glass icon) is the best way. However, your results will be based entirely on how the churches title and keyword their uploads into the system. If they don't label it as a singing, you won't find it. That being said, a quick search just now revealed lots of singings.

Update: this problem is caused by a change to the split view function in iPadOS in the latest update. As a temporary workaround, all of the content is still there in the iPad version of the app, but you have to swipe over from the left edge of the screen to pull it over, like for split screen view. See video clip below.

AC Central iPad workaround.

Thanks for you input. Currently, the plan is to release this to AC Central, but not immediately. The recordings will initially be offered to ministers and elders who could not attend. After that, it will become available to the entire brotherhood.

We've had a number of requests for this and do plan to include it in a future release. Work is in process on some major revisions to the app and underlying system. The current plans call for including this new feature at that point, but the exact timing is to be determined.

The 2020 virtual conference was an abbreviated event. There were only two featured speakers, plus a video roundtable discussion. A video recording of the entire event can be accessed on the denomination website

Stream volume is determined by the audio settings at the church. They need to adjust the output from their mixer which goes into their streaming computer's audio input.

Sermon uploads are done by each church. We do not have any control over when or if they upload sermons.