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This bug has now been fixed. Thank for alerting us to the situation.

Can you let us know when you first noticed this? Also, please provide your device name and model and version of operating system.

Aaron is correct. Due to the numerous copyrighted songs in our hymn books, printing of hymns is intentionally disabled in the app. The publishers really do not like the idea of people being able to freely print copies of their works. While theoretically we could maybe modify the app to only allow printing of public domain songs, that is not something we currently plan to do.

Aaron is correct. We do not have permission from the copyright holder to make #87 (or #54) in Hymns of Worship available in digital format. Different publisher / copyright holders have different terms and while we were able to get an agreement to publish these songs in a book, so far we are not able to do so in the app.

Our developers have been trying to find a way around the Covenant Eyes / VPN issue. Recently, AC Central on our test devices (that are running Covenant Eyes) resumed working normally. We are not sure why since we had not yet changed anything on our end. Perhaps CE changed something on theirs. Can you let us know if you are still experiencing this problem in AC Central? We are hopeful CE updated something in their system that resolved it for everyone. 

This is not a bug. The church must have removed it from their account. We do not control what an individual church posts or removes.

No glitch on our end. The church must have removed it from their account. We do not control what an individual church posts or removes.

Sounds like you have Covenant Eyes running on your device, correct? Please reply to confirm that, along with your device model, the operating system version and the version of AC Central you are running (gear menu. In the meantime, see

On Apple devices, we have determined that this same problem is due to a conflict with the Covenant Eyes app. Do you have that installed on your Android device?

We appreciate your patience as we investigate this issue. Thanks for the additional details. We have finally been able to replicate this issue but only on devices running Covenant Eyes. Do you have Covenant Eyes on your phone? If not, are you using any other kind of internet content filter or VPN on your phone?