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Do you know when you upgraded your iPhone OS to 17.4 (not 17.4.1)? The developers tell us that 17.4 which released on March 5 included security updates for audio players that has caused problems for numerous apps. Our last AC Central update was released about a week ago, and it included some changes to the audio player as well. If you can pinpoint the timing of when your problems started and when you updated the OS and the app, that will help point us in the right direction.

By "in downloading mode" do you mean the Play/Pause button has the "loading" circular animation on the player screen? Or are you attempting to Download Audio before you listen?

Please clarify. Are you using the AC Central app on your mobile device (phone or tablet) or are you using the web browser version on a Windows PC? 

We just got our hands on a newer Android tablet and can now replicate this issue on a tablet. Our developers have been notified and will work on a fix. However, we have yet to find an Android phone that exhibits this issue. If you have friends / family who are Android users, could you ask around and find out if others are experiencing the same (whether on phone or tablet) and let us know their device details and Android version?

We are not aware of any streaming outage and to our knowledge there were no overall AC Central system problems on Sunday. Therefore, if you were not able to find Smithville's stream it could have been a problem at Smithville that prevented them from streaming, a problem with your internet, a problem with your particular device, or perhaps you were doing something wrong. You would need to assist the help of someone local to determine the latter.

CarPlay is something we'd like to support and it is on our planned future roadmap, but we don't have a development cost estimate yet. That price tag will determine whether or not we can actually do it.

That's because it is a copyrighted song which we do not have permission from the publisher to place in a free application.

Your tech guy is mistaken. Any church can upload any sermon and date it appropriately. Some congregations have done just that and added historically interesting old sermons.

We will look into this. So far, our Pixel phone tester is not experiencing this issue but we need to locate an Android tablet to check. Can you let us know what version of the Android operating system each device is running that has this problem?