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Thanks for posting. We actually got several requests for this prior to setting up this feedback system. Now that it is here, if we get enough votes for this feature - and have the funding to support it - we'll consider this.

It's a good idea and one that would make it a lot easier to do Young Group invites, but this does not seem to fit into the scope of AC Central. It would be a better fit for the ACCA website. We'll pass this ideal along.

Thanks for posting this idea. This is something that has been recently discussed by the Elder Communications Committee but there were concerns about how a list like that might be misused (among other things). That doesn't mean the idea won't be revisited, especially if many others vote for this idea.

Jeff - thanks for reporting this. We have not had any other complaints about this, but if others are experiencing it, hopefully they will vote up this (potential) bug post. If we do not hear from anyone else, we will eventually consider this to be a problem specific to your particular device. Please do let us know if you get to the bottom of the issue through your testing.

Good suggestion about a field for phone hardware. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like this feedback system can be customized that way

Re: Android speed controls. That will definitely be coming - eventually. We can't say when yet as we unfortunately are currently looking for a new developer. Our existing one will no longer be available after the next update (now in the pipeline) is done.

Closing this request, since based on the information provided, it appears to be asking for something that is already included in the app by using the filter function.

Thanks for your kind comments! 

This is already possible. Just click the magnifying glass icon at the top right and you can filter sermons by keyword, speaker name, date and/or Bible passage.

Thanks for the feedback. We've had some reports about this problem on iOS (Apple) devices but nothing definitive on Android devices. Could you reply back to let us know the type of phones and what versions of Android OS they are running?

Other Android users: if this is happening to you, please add your vote to this bug.