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Intro and ending music

jrams 5 years ago 0

Using our familiar (public domain) hymns for the intro and ending music in the podcasts would give an atmosphere more typical to around the table in our homes.

Under review


msue1975 5 years ago updated by Elder Moderator 5 years ago 1

Would this be an appropriate forum to discuss the importance of not teasing those of us who are single?  Examples: Asking what is wrong with us that we are still single? (Many of us already ask ourselves that daily)  Making comments such as “you won’t be single long” (I’ve heard this since I was 18, and now I’m 44)  I realize these comments are not meant as put downs, but how are we supposed to respond in a Godly way?  I think it would be very helpful to have some single Elder Brothers, but I realize this is not logical seeing as how we’ve had very few single Ministers over the years.  It seems like this is a growing cross-section of our Church Body and I think it’s necessary to address this issue, but don’t know if this would be the appropriate time and/or place to discuss it...


History of how we greet each other

LMW 4 years ago updated by Admin 3 years ago 0

Some churches still always follow a greeting protocol: shake hands, greet with kiss, say greetings brother/sister. What is the history of this "greeting package"? How important is it to continue it, or how detrimental is it to discontinue it?


Fantastic new resource

Diana 5 years ago 0

Around the Table has been a blessing to me, and I really appreciate the effort that has gone into this new resource. It is helpful to feel more connected to our church’s national leadership by hearing all of you openly and conversationally discuss various topics. It seems that you seek to thoughtfully put forth a well-rounded perspective and promote healthy unity, mutual respect, and understanding vs. rigid uniformity. I look forward to future episodes!

Under review

Music feedback

jason 5 years ago updated by Elder Moderator 5 years ago 1

I greatly appreciate the Around the Table episodes published so far. However, some of the background music that plays during introductions and endings seems inconsistent with what we use and promote in worship and elsewhere. Using music with less of a beat and more familiar could help with the overall familiarity and comfort level of this new resource.


Putting faces with names

que sarahsue 5 years ago updated by Elder Moderator 5 years ago 2
Elder Moderator 5 years ago

we discussed your idea and really like it. our small team is now planning on how to get these pictures and have them easily accessible for our listeners.  Thanks for sharing your idea with us!


Older teaching younger

D Rokey 5 years ago updated by Admin 3 years ago 0

For around the table.

Visiting about and teaching on the older brothers and sisters teaching the younger / having that desire to do so and not being afraid to act upon this. And the younger being willing to listen knowing this is part of Gods design for learning. 
For us to understand how God wants things passed on generation to generation.

Under review

Prayer language

sdknobloch 5 years ago updated by Elder Moderator 5 years ago 1

What type of prayer language should a believer use for audible prayers?

Under review

Around the Table interviewer

Wynn Waldbeser 2 years ago updated by Admin 2 years ago 1

I was having a conversation with some friends on how around the table can sometimes feel scripted and how it could potentially be fixed. If you are not sure what I mean by scripted I can try to be more descriptive. Many times the discussions can feel like everything has been written out the questions, remarks, and answers have all been laid out and prepared beforehand. This is not inherently bad but if the podcast is supposed to be a discussion it can make the whole podcast feel staged. This can make it very difficult to listen to. The people I was talking with came up with a potential solution. The idea was to have one continuous participant to act as a mediator and facilitator. This could be extremely helpful as those being interviewed could still research their topic and come prepared. But they are not just reading what they have found and instead the interviewer is asking questions, pulling on threads of thought, and leading the conversation. This would relax the elders and pastors being questioned and make the conversation feel much more organic. The interviewer would not just have to be one person it could also be a rotation. The mediator would not have to be an elder they simply would have to be able to guide conversation, ask questions, and help relax those being interviewed. In conclusion the discussions from around the table can often feel scripted in order to remedy this issue the implementation of a facilitator could help drive conversation and create organic conversation. 

Admin 2 years ago

We appreciate your input and suggestions. While we always coach the participants to not over prepare and to definitely not actually read anything, some do fall back on doing so. Our desire is for an organic conversation, but understandably, some people are more comfortable with that than others, particularly when they are being recorded. The team behind Around the Table will discuss your suggestion. Finding the right person to be a regular interviewer would be a big challenge.