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msue1975 5 years ago updated by Elder Moderator 5 years ago 1

Would this be an appropriate forum to discuss the importance of not teasing those of us who are single?  Examples: Asking what is wrong with us that we are still single? (Many of us already ask ourselves that daily)  Making comments such as “you won’t be single long” (I’ve heard this since I was 18, and now I’m 44)  I realize these comments are not meant as put downs, but how are we supposed to respond in a Godly way?  I think it would be very helpful to have some single Elder Brothers, but I realize this is not logical seeing as how we’ve had very few single Ministers over the years.  It seems like this is a growing cross-section of our Church Body and I think it’s necessary to address this issue, but don’t know if this would be the appropriate time and/or place to discuss it...

Under review

Thanks so much for your post!  Yes, Around the Table would be an appropriate forum to discuss singleness. Thank you for sharing your concern/the issue so clearly.  It will be put in the queue of topics to be addressed and as you say it is a growing cross-section of our church body.