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Mark as read/favorite

IsaacJones 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 3

Often times, there are sermons that I have listened to in person that I would like to go back to in the app, but there is no easy way to remember which ones they were. Additionally, it would be nice to mark which of these listened-to sermons had the most impact on me.


Add an ACCA church directory to the app

Admin 4 years ago updated by SamuelS 3 years ago 3

Have address (link to GPS) and service starting times for congregations


Put the minister book on here

bellevueacchurch 4 years ago 0
Under review


pegwellendorf75 3 years ago updated by Admin 3 weeks ago 2

I'd like to listen to AC Hymns sung, perhaps by catagories, i.e.: meditation, praise, thankfulness, repentance, holidays, etc.


Swipe to previous prayer requests

Duane 4 years ago updated by Duane Rocke 2 years ago 4

The CEC recently received a request to be able to swipe to previous prayer requests

Admin 2 years ago

The Oct 2018 app releases provide access to 7 days of prayer requests.


Church locations with map and service times

Carol Gress 3 years ago 0

Sermons on the lock screen while playing

Cmw 4 years ago updated by Admin 3 years ago 5

I would love it if the sermon that is paying would show up on the lock screen with the play/pause buttons. That way you wouldn't have to unlock the device and go back into the app. 

Admin 3 years ago

The most recent updates to iOS and Android added this feature.


Show congregations that are currently "live"

fritzmb 4 years ago updated by Admin 3 weeks ago 2

Somehow display a list of the congregations that are currently "Live" (or an indicator in the existing list), so I don't have to click through each one to find a live sermon


Minister book

Stan 2 years ago 0

More Precise Listening Speeds

SamuelS 3 years ago updated by Samuel 2 months ago 2

Thanks for the great work in adding multiple speeds to the Android app! Would it be possible to further add more precise speeds such as 1.1x, 1.25x, and maybe a 0.8x? These speeds are slightly more practical than 0.5x and 2.0x.