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I noticed the new screens over the weekend and thought it looks really elegant, nicely done!

On the web version at, I discovered that while the "select congregation" screen doesn't scroll with my mouse, I can scroll it just fine using my PC touch screen.  Prior to that, I would "zoom" way out to ~33%, find the church I wanted, and then zoom back in to 100%!  It was wonky, but it worked.  :-)

Since Around the Table is now available on podcast platforms, this suggestion might be considered "Complete" at this point.

For various reasons, I still prefer to listen in my "usual" podcast app.  So now, I go into AC Central app on my Galaxy S20, search for and find the sermon or talk I want, start it playing (since it's not possible to share without doing so, see!), grab the link, and past it into my phone web browser, from which I can download the file locally and add it to my podcast playlist there.

I realize that sounds like a hassle, but yes, my preference to listen in my usual podcast app is strong enough to justify the extra steps that this entails.  And it works great if the metadata on the mp3 was correctly added when it was uploaded to ACC.

In addition to this suggestion, I would like the ability to share a sermon or topical from the website and not just within the mobile app.

Before the app update, I was able to find the downloaded files and use my normal podcast app to play them, but I can't find that location now. Can you give any hints on where they're stored?

FYI that I have not gotten any prayer notifications since the 3.0.2 app update on 9/26.  This is different than the issues I reported when testing the new app.

I just came here to post the same feedback, but it's even stranger than what Brother Gary noted!  We have (3) Samsung Galaxy S8s all updated to Android 9.  Two of them seem to work "normally", as in, we're able to see the AAtT pieces (see screenshot below for reference).  On the third one, when we first looked this morning, we were not able to see 10/4 "Challenges..." and 9/20 "Understanding... (2 of 2)".

I tried all of the following to see if I could get them to show up:

  • double-check to make sure no filters are turned on
  • pull down to refresh
  • clear cache
  • clear memory, then restart phone
  • delete, restart phone, and reinstall the app
  • delete the Android data folder associated with the app
    • Internal storage => Android => data =>
    • in retrospect, I did not delete the corresponding folder on the external SD card, but I think that only stores downloaded sermons

Here's the "stranger" part of the story:  after one of those steps (I think it was after I deleted and reinstalled the app), now the only talk that shows up in the list is the most recent one 10/18 "Preaching..."!

Call or email if you want to do some trouble-shooting together.  I don't have the phone with me, but I will be with Jill most of the day tomorrow and able to do some testing if you have any ideas to try.


Screen shot of two phones that seem to be showing all of the AAtT talks:

I noticed something similar last night while driving and came here to share feedback to that end, and it might relate to my earlier comments about the persistent banner and exiting the app.

After pausing the app on my phone, it was reactivated again by changing the van stereo volume, via the bluetooth connection in my vehicle, through which I was playing some music (i.e. - after adjusting the volume for the musicboth the music and AC Central were playing at the same time).  The only way I found to stop ACC completely was to "force quit", as you noted in your response.

Although I clearly don't understand app development well enough to know why or how it works this way, it doesn't seem "normal" or intuitive that the default method of shutting down the app is through  "force quitting".  An exit or quit button that just kills the app would be a nice feature to have.

I came here to give similar feedback, so that I can access Around the Table in the same way that I access Breaking Bread.  I understand and appreciate the approach you shared in your response and will be patient as this tool develops.  Thanks for your work on it!