This topic is no longer relevant for newer Android versions, as all app files are inaccessible by a file browser.


For various reasons, I still prefer to listen in my "usual" podcast app.  So now, I go into AC Central app on my Galaxy S20, search for and find the sermon or talk I want, start it playing (since it's not possible to share without doing so, see!), grab the link, and past it into my phone web browser, from which I can download the file locally and add it to my podcast playlist there.

I realize that sounds like a hassle, but yes, my preference to listen in my usual podcast app is strong enough to justify the extra steps that this entails.  And it works great if the metadata on the mp3 was correctly added when it was uploaded to ACC.

I download sermons and play in Podcast Addict so that I can use my speed controls (most sermons = ^^^^^ and a few [Brother Uriel Gehring!?!?] = vvvvv).  I was able to find the folder on my phone used to store the files and add it to Podcast Addict as a virtual podcast, and since I usually only have one or two downloaded at a time, this filename (and description) issue isn't a huge concern, but I concur with the suggestion.  However, if you're able to give us speed controls in the Android version, then I probably will stop using Podcast Addict!  :-)


Re: Android speed controls. That will definitely be coming - eventually. We can't say when yet as we unfortunately are currently looking for a new developer. Our existing one will no longer be available after the next update (now in the pipeline) is done.

Under review