Your comments

I listened to a live stream sermon this morning, and the live stream banner is still active on my GS8 phone with no apparent way in the app to make it disappear.  It's very persistent - as before, the only way I can find to make that go away is to kill the app.

I download sermons and play in Podcast Addict so that I can use my speed controls (most sermons = ^^^^^ and a few [Brother Uriel Gehring!?!?] = vvvvv).  I was able to find the folder on my phone used to store the files and add it to Podcast Addict as a virtual podcast, and since I usually only have one or two downloaded at a time, this filename (and description) issue isn't a huge concern, but I concur with the suggestion.  However, if you're able to give us speed controls in the Android version, then I probably will stop using Podcast Addict!  :-)