@Admin - I'm a little confused as accentral is visible to the whole world today via either the website or the app.  I do understand a difference between needing to find our site/app vs having the podcast show up in a 'Browse Podcasts' section of a tool. 

I would like to suggest that due to this, just publishing a url on https://accentral.apostolicchristian.org/ would make the users that want it happy, without resulting in increased likelihood people would stumble onto the conversations.

Thank you for continuing to review this request.

I came here to give similar feedback, so that I can access Around the Table in the same way that I access Breaking Bread.  I understand and appreciate the approach you shared in your response and will be patient as this tool develops.  Thanks for your work on it!

Since Around the Table is now available on podcast platforms, this suggestion might be considered "Complete" at this point.

Under review

This is an interesting idea that could appeal to some users. However, there are risks with making what are largely internal church conversations visible to the whole world. The counseling elders are open to considering this, but wish to let Around the Table get well established first, before making a decision.