Screens don't work well with PC;s

estetz 3 weeks ago updated by Jeff Steiner 2 weeks ago 2

Go back to the old way.  Not user friendly with PC's .  Sometime too big to fit on screens, Can't search for desired church, when you do you get last years sermons.  Select church, difficult to scroll down screen, look like it is made for only smart phones. 

May the Spirit enlighten the tech staff. 

On the web version at https://accentral.apostolicchristian.org/sermons, I discovered that while the "select congregation" screen doesn't scroll with my mouse, I can scroll it just fine using my PC touch screen.  Prior to that, I would "zoom" way out to ~33%, find the church I wanted, and then zoom back in to 100%!  It was wonky, but it worked.  :-)


We realize the desktop version is not optimal at this point and it will be improved in the near future to make if function better on large computer screens. However, please bear in mind that AC Central is primarily a mobile app – that is how the vast majority of content is accessed by our users – so mobile will always the development priority.