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Hi Rachel. I think know I where you are going with the Statement of Faith reference. I'd love to hear more. Feel free to email me at Thank you for caring!  Nick

Thank you for your input on these important subjects and how culture is impacting us. We will look at this subject and consider how we can teach/communicate to our church.  

This is a great request and in the works for more podcasts from Elder wives on a variety of matters including the topic/questions you raised. Thank you!!


Thank you for your insightful comments about the Statement of Faith. I think you make an excellent point about our biblical standard as embodied in our Statement of Faith, especially in a world that is filled with unlimited access to alternate, non-biblical worldviews and given our younger generation's appetite for truth.  It seems that this will place more and more emphasis on what we believe to keep us unified in our doctrine even if practices differ. 

Thank you! I think this will form the basis for a  follow on to this congregational vs. denominational series. 

God bless your day ......

Thank you very much for your thoughtful and constructive feedback. It is a good point to consider as we think about Galatians 6:2 and the consistent scriptural call for the church to distribute generously to those in need. I will take this up with our elder review team to consider how we can address this issue of church vs. gov't role in area of financial need.

God bless your day!

This is a great topic and will be added to our list. Thank you! 

What a thoughtful and helpful set of topics you shared for Around the Table!  The topic 'Age of Accountability' is in the queue now (high level of interest in our AC church).  Each of your other suggested topic ideas are appropriate and will be added to our current set. The one on diversity/unity is a big and important one that will have many additional dimensions as we continue our local outreach efforts. It was so encouraging to hear from you and get these topics. Thanks for caring and taking the time to share. God bless!  Nick

Thanks for your feedback.  We are sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulty. A handful of other Android users have reported the same problem, but at this point, it appear to be limited to just certain Android devices or user configurations. If any other listeners are experiencing this, let us know by voting for this so we can get a better sense for the urgency of spending development resources to track this bug down. In the meantime, we do have a new app in development that should address these problems but it will be some time before this is launched. 

Thank you for this input it is very helpful and I think has merit to consider as a third topic.  God bless! 

Thank you for your question on prayer language. In the short term, it is best if you discuss this with your local church elder. However, this seems to be a good topic for Around the Table to address and it will be submitted for consideration.

God bless your week and thanks again for your good question.