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Statement of Faith

JCStoller 4 years ago updated by Elder Moderator 4 years ago 1

Our family enjoyed listening to the two ATT talks on denominational vs. congregational. While we agreed with much of what was said, we were disappointed that the Statement of Faith was not held as a standard for holding our congregations and brotherhood together.  Outside of the Statement of Faith there is much room for differences in administration, circumstances, etc for congregations and individuals who love and serve our Lord.  We are from a small church that gets visitors from many different congregations. It is easy to let many “differences” go, when your brothers and sisters in Christ love and support the same denominational doctrine.

Under review

Thank you for your insightful comments about the Statement of Faith. I think you make an excellent point about our biblical standard as embodied in our Statement of Faith, especially in a world that is filled with unlimited access to alternate, non-biblical worldviews and given our younger generation's appetite for truth.  It seems that this will place more and more emphasis on what we believe to keep us unified in our doctrine even if practices differ. 

Thank you! I think this will form the basis for a  follow on to this congregational vs. denominational series. 

God bless your day ......