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Diversity and Unity

brooke 4 years ago updated by Elder Moderator 4 years ago 1

How do we promote healthy diversity in our churches? God seems to be glorified when there is diversity among believers yet unity is present to bind us all together in love. Our churches seem to be filled with believers who don’t evidence much diversity. Similar upbringings, socioeconomic status, race, etc. Is true unity evident if we as believers all look the same? 

Additionally the vast majority of our growth seems to come from within our church. Is this true growth if we aren’t pulling in from the community? How do we believers be culturally relevant without becoming spiritually irrelevant? 

Under review

What a thoughtful and helpful set of topics you shared for Around the Table!  The topic 'Age of Accountability' is in the queue now (high level of interest in our AC church).  Each of your other suggested topic ideas are appropriate and will be added to our current set. The one on diversity/unity is a big and important one that will have many additional dimensions as we continue our local outreach efforts. It was so encouraging to hear from you and get these topics. Thanks for caring and taking the time to share. God bless!  Nick