Known issues - AC Central v.4

All mobile devices

  1. Prayers sometimes don't full load when accessed via the notification. This should be fixed for most users in 4.0.3 update, but it appears to still be a problem for some.
  2. Some users are unable to get Hymns to load. The 4.03 update included error logging for the hymns section to help us diagnose the problem.

Android only

  1. Bluetooth controls not working. Fixed in 4.03 update.
  2. Landscape view not working on some devices. Fixed in 4.03 update.
  3. System back button on older version of Android does not dismiss the app. Fixed in 4.03 update.

Desktop only

  1. Audio downloads not working well. Depending on the browser you are using, there can be a 5-10 second delay before the files actually starts to download. With some browsers, there is minimal delay. Our developers are looking into ways to speed this up.
  2. Only first page of PDF attachments print. Fixed.

iOS only
None verified at this time.

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