Information about User Accounts

Creating an optional AC Central user account ensures users never lose their play history and custom settings, such as My Church, My Feed, My Favorites, and My Playlist. If you get a new phone or just need to reinstall the app, you simply need to sign back into your account and all that custom setup is instantly restored.

And, if you use AC Central on multiple devices, such as a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, all of your data will sync across devices. Start listening on one device and pick up where you left off on the next.

Is an account required to use the app?

No. Users without an account will still be able to access all the sermon and program audio/video. However, full access to all features will require an account.

Why are you adding this feature?

Two reasons: one is to give users the ability to sync (or restore) their saved preferences and history across devices. Second, is due to copyright issues (primarily with Hymns) and data security concerns (Silver Lining, Prayers, Jobs) where completely open, anonymous access is becoming a problem.

Will I need to login each time I use the app?

No. Your app login is stored on-device (for phones and tablets). On a computer using a web browser, you will need to have cookies enabled. For security purposes, users will be required to occasionally re-login (very infrequently).

Are downloads saved and synced?

No. Downloads are specific to the device you download them on. On a mobile device, they are saved to device storage. On a computer, downloads are saved to your hard drive, not in-browser. Downloads are not synced to your other devices. If you delete the mobile app, your downloads will be deleted with it.

Why are you asking for demographic information?

This is not required, but it will be very helpful in understanding our userbase and guide our decisions on how to best serve our audience in the future. In addition, the “Roles” question will allow us to make certain content accessible specifically for elders and/or ministers.

How will my information be used?

Your information will never be shared with any outside entity for marketing purposes. It is primarily used to enable users to customize their app experience and sync information across devices. Your account info may be shared with other AC-managed systems, with your permission, to allow for a single sign-on experience. In addition, Onward Media will look at aggregate user data to analyze performance and usage in order to improve the app and its content.

If you ever wish to securely delete your user data, you can request that in the My Account section. This initiates a waiting period after which the account is deleted, if you do not cancel the request.

How quickly does my data sync?

Currently the app will fetch new data each time the following happens:

  1. When user logs in
  2. When user re-opens app (while still logged in)
  3. When user visits the Account page

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