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I think they acquired the rights to print the hymns in a set number of books only. 

I've encountered situations like this where it's not an oversight or glitch, but rather an issue of obtaining the Rights to provide access through an app...

I'm no spokesman for Onward media, but I believe there's a distinction between getting Rights to print hymns in hymnals, getting Rights to provide viewing access to the hymns via an app, and getting Rights to provide PDF files that anyone can print, and those are listed in order of increasing difficulty.


Also, when I tap the three dots on a seen l sermon and then ”Download Audio" nothing happens. I hope that helps, even though I don't feel I've given you much detail for tracking down the root cause. 

i have realized it's not just the sheet music. Audio won't download, either while connected to WiFi. 

i don't know what this means, but when I turned the Wi-Fi off on my phone, (I was connected to my home Internet) the sheet music started loading fine. Maybe it's because the speed from our ISP through our router is slower than the 5G. And maybe the app times out too quickly on loading the sheet music. Edit: I just ran a speed test using our home wifi, and got over 26 Mbps. I can't imagine why the app would require a faster speed than that to load sheet music. I'm willing to do more testing if it's needed to figure this out. Edit 2: The speed test over 5G was well over 50 Mbps, which supports (doesn't cast doubts on) the theory about timing out. 

Btw, while trying to fix this, I restarted my Android phone (Pixel 6, up-to-date) and then uninstalled and reinstalled the app. 

this is not working for me as indicated above. When I touch the cloud, the three options I'm presented with are "Cancel", "Play Audio", and "Play Video". I'm on a Pixel 6, fully updated, and I just reinstalled the app. I'm hoping version 4 solves the problem. 

i tried removing and reinstalling the app, but it made no difference. Hopefully the new version will make the difference

Thanks for checking. The device I'm on is a Pixel 6, fully updated.