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one more small thing I noticed for the FireTV (and it’s not that big of a deal)… I can click on the 🧡 to favorite sermons, but cannot access my list of favorited sermons in any menu (unlike my iPhone app).  Is a “Favorites” list something that could be added to the “Home” screen that already includes “My Church” and “My Feed”?

just checked on my FireTV using the Amazon Silk Browser (the only one FireTV is able to use)… it still stops around Bern once the congregation menu is clicked on the Sermon Page.  Occasionally the background will scroll, but never the Church list. I also tried requesting the desktop site (vs the default) and it does the same thing. I also noticed that my “Home Church” and “My Feed” do not scroll left-to-right (assuming they are supposed to a bit).

again, it’s just a matter of a couple of extra steps by using the search menu/button instead.  Thanks for looking into this as much as you are.  If you have any other questions just let me know.

I was just wondering if version 4 has been released yet… and if the issue had been resolved on the Amazon Silk browser for FireTV and Firestick devices.

thank you for looking into this issue and glad that you were able to replicate it.  I hope that you consider Amazon Silk as one of the “major” smart tv browsers as it is the one Amazon forces upon us as users of an Amazon FireStick.  Anyway, I will keep an eye out for the updated version and will let my elderly family members that watch on their firestick know what is happening (and the timeframe).

thank you for your time