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I would request Android Auto also.

I missed the text input box in my initial post.

I was listening to live audio today and after 1-2 minutes of audio, the player would stop and just spin. It did this several times before I switched to the live in-app video stream and it worked flawlessly. 


Samsung S22 ultra

AC Central version 4.0.6

Android 13

Samsung One UI 5.1

Vimeo has automatic closed captions for archived videos. It works pretty good, you just have to turn it on, since it's off by default.

Also, the Bluffton churches use AVA for live transcription of our services. It's a separate service from AC Central.

It works on my wife's iPhone 7, but still doesn't work on my Android based Samsung Galaxy S10+ (yes, I already tried the things in the link). If you need me to help test a beta or new version, let me know.

Ok, then there is a bug, because when I touch the button to download a sermon, a "Download Started" indicator pops up just below center screen, but nothing shows in the notification bar. It might be a different issue all together, because the sermon never shows up in the downloads section either. I am using a Samsung S10+.

I think you're right. I talked to the sound operator and he thinks it is a cable or connection. I'll check out. Thanks.