Audio Hijack streaming setup on a Mac

If your church uses an Apple Macintosh computer at the “sound bench” then we recommend the Mac app Audio Hijack for streaming.

NOTE: Audio Hijack 3 has been tested and works very well. Version 4 just came out and has not been tested yet, but should also work. Several congregations rely on Audio Hijack for their streaming. However, our Support Team does not have much experience with it and thus cannot provide ongoing tech support for this configuration.

Here is how to setup your AC Central audio stream

When first launch the app, you will be required to create a Session.

Image 48

Choose Internet Radio

Image 49

The Internet Radio session will have a set of default blocks, as shown. Click the Application block (showing the Music app) and toggle it Off. Click the Audio Input block and change the audio device to Line In (or whatever you are using to bring your sermon feed into the Mac.)

Image 50

Click the Broadcast block and enter your settings.

Image 58

Remington is shown as an example. If you do not know your password and mountpoint, contact Onward Media. Under Encoder Settings, select Medium Quality for our maximum allowed 128kbps bitrate.

Click Output Device block and toggle it Off, unless you want to listen to the stream.

Click the large round button at bottom left when ready to start streaming. A timer and audio meter provide visual feedback.

Image 52

If you want to use Audio Hijack to record the stream to an mp3 file, drag the Recorder block from the Outputs section of the Library over to your session.

You can also apply effects, such as EQ, volume adjustment, and audio cleanup by using blocks in the library.

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