How to upload sermons

  1. Login by going to either directly to
  2. Enter your church’s user name (typically a “recording bench” email address) and password.
  3. Click the green “Add Sermon” button.
  4. Enter the appropriate information in the form fields.
  5. The date should be the date the sermon was given.
  6. We recommend not adding “Bro.” to minister names as that is assumed and it makes names harder to read at a glance.
  7. If the minister is a visitor, add the location in parentheses after the name. For instance, Dan Kilgus (Remington).
  8. Use the “Title” field any time you have a special service- use that field to enter the names of people getting baptized, married, or buried, as well as for the title of any talks, topical presentations, or VBS events you upload.
  9. We strongly encourage you to enter keywords/tags if there is a consistent theme to a sermon. This enables users to find messages on topics of their interest.
  10. Do NOT type in ALL CAPS.
  11. Sermons must be a single MP3 file (under 100 MB in size).
  12. Attachments, such as a handout from a Bible study or presentation must be PDF format.

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