XM radio

Debbie Sauder 2 years ago β€’ updated by Samuel 2 years ago β€’ 1

Would love to have a Sirius XM radio channel of traditional a capella hymns. 

That would be a great opportunity to familiarize non-AC's and younger generation AC's with traditional hymns. Modern songs titillate the senses sometimes too much; sometimes (or all the time?) ya just need simple truth & harmony in a peaceful delivery. 

Especially the noisier & more raucous the world gets the more people crave peace. They could be browsing thru XM channels and think, "You know, this is actually quite lovely." The only tranquility-building channels are the meditation/spa channels. 

I tried looking up costs to see if I could afford to support a channel financially - are we talkin' hundreds (yeah right), thousands or millions of $$, idk. But didn't find anything useful πŸ˜’

Over the years I've accumulated my own library of mp3 hymns, but I've given up on using all that data space on my phone just to listen to it in the car. And Pandora just doesn't get it quite right. For my own personal listening, I guess I should just bite the bullet and take years' worth of pix off my phone and put the music back on... πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

This would probably be too expensive to be feasible. I doubt very many people have Sirius XM across our church anyway. YouTube, Spotify, and good old CD's are a lot more common, and easier to access a capella music.