Extend Time Before App Refreshes

pcw 3 years ago 0

I often listen to a message (could be a Sermon or Around the Table message, etc.) while I do my morning exercises. When done, I stop the audio but don’t close the app entirely, leaving the app as is. The next day, when I am ready to pick up the sermon where I left off, I find that the app "resets" so that I am back at the home screen and the sermon I was listening to is "closed." I then have to search the list again, and depending on what it was, it may take a bit of filtering to find.

Recently I went back to the app only about six hours after listening that morning, but even after only six hours, it reset everything again, making me have to go find the sermon.

I’m sure there are reasons why developers might want an app to refresh upon entry, but it seems like the time before refreshing could be extended a bit. I regularly use the audio book app Hoopla, for instance, and it won't refresh unless it's been more than 24 hours. That makes it nice because I can resume listening quickly without having to go find and open my book.

Thanks for all the good work on this app. I use it every day. Blessings.