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Thanks for answering!  I do see the speeds.  What I really meant to get across was that for those of us that are used to adjusting speeds during playback, those speeds aren't very practical.  The increment needs to be much smaller.  By .1 at a minimum ( so .80, .90, 1.0, 1.1, etc)  or even better by .05 (.80, .85, .90, .95, 1.0, 1.05, 1.10, 1.15....)

I was looking to see if more relevant listening speeds (smaller increments) was a requested feature so i could vote for it and came across this thread indicating it was already supposed to be done.  I didn't see it on my phone.  Perhaps i have an old version.

Ac central v3.1.511. Android version 10.  Samsung note 9

Or simply an improved date range filter would be helpful since it only goes back to about 2016.  It would be easier to type in the year than the current method of scrolling back by month when you are searching for something farther back.  Maybe a year entry box on the top of the scroll feature to enable an easier search?

Same problem.  Don't know exactly when it started because it seemed to do the same thing several weeks ago also.  Samsung Note 9.  I probably get 5 or less minutes.  I can't just push play to resume.  I go back and reselect the sermon and sometimes it starts where I left off, sometimes at a previous crash spot.  I haven't fully tested but I think if I push the pause/play button before going back and restarting the sermon I get to the most recent spot. Archived and downloaded... Not sure about streaming.