Your comments

I vote for a playlist. Esp like the whole new songbook. I tht I’d select that songbook and learn these songs by just listening through the book. 

I can not find this feature tho I do have the new update I think.  Where do I find this feature? Sounds wonderful tho. Thanks. 

From which screen?? Home screen does not have that symbol. In Sermons, it brings  me to the filter screen and the search words are barely visible in the gray. 2 white boxes have books and date range...... It keeps bringing me to the books of the bible? and if I submit 'singing' it erases my word. 

Answered my own dilemma - must be in 'all congregations'. There, I notice that these have different headings. Some say special event, some say other....Just a suggestion but could you add another "church' named 'Singings'  and just request everyone list these types of events under singing. I notice their is a special tab for ISU Bible Study. Then if you go to singings you would get a full listing without using the search feature     ....... just a suggestion!    Thanks 

Also while I am asking questions.. what books are in the hymns? When do you plan to add more? I love the lyrics pages as for most of the commons songs I don't need music, just the words.  love the availability and hunt their first for words to our songs.

Thanks for bearing with my questions. May you be blest through this Thanksgiving and Christmas season.