Short answers to hard Questions.

Joel 8 months ago 0

I recently saw a YouTube video with a pastor answering some questions. I'm not sure the rules on posting links to Non-AC videos here, but for reference, the video name is:  "Cliffe Knechtle - Answering Questions Others Christians Won't | EP. 38."

I would love to see some podcasts with this sort of format. I feel like we have some brothers: Elders, Ministers, Sunday School teachers that could do a great job with questions like this. It could be easy to send out a Google Form with a future AC Connection email that people could use to submit questions about theology, application, or even why we do things as a church. I think a format with some younger brothers or sisters asking these questions to some older brothers with short 5-6 minute answers could be an edifying podcast, that if done in video form could even be used in Sunday School, or Bible Study applications.