Evolution: Biblical or Not? It would be really nice to have some feedback on this as I have heard of theories such as theistic evolution, atheistic evolution, creationism, and intelligent design

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I have heard so many theories about the beginning of the world and it is very confusing. For someone heading into highschool, it would be really hard to ground yourself if you have so many ideas thrown at you all with their own agendas and scripts. I know that we are to believe in faith, but it would be nice to hear some of the evidence, compatibility, and credibility of each one. As well as some encouragement for believers struggling with their faith in these areas. Sometimes stubborn faith can be a little different than faith because it can turn people away if you do not have an explanation for why you personally believe. Like Peter says, always have an answer ready for anyone who asks of the hope inside you. (Paraphrased) I think that this podcast would hit home for many young people searching for answers! Please consider doing an episode on this subject!