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App will not play audio with new android phone

george eason50 4 months ago updated by Admin 4 months ago 7

s-23+, SM-S916U, version 14 4.0.17

Under review

Thanks for the additional details. A couple more questions. Does livestream audio play or is this only a problem with pre-recorded audio? Does this affect the audio in video as well? 

it's seems to be only pre recorded. Video works fine

On Apple devices, we have determined that this same problem is due to a conflict with the Covenant Eyes app. Do you have that installed on your Android device?

Our developers actually have the exact same device and configuration, but cannot replicate the issue. Audio is working correctly for them on every Android device they have. That makes this very difficult to address.

Here are some additional things to try / investigate:

  1. Have you tried deleting and re-installing AC Central?
  2. Does audio play in other apps on your phone?
  3. Does it make any difference if you are using cell data vs wifi?

Please tell us the phone's model, the version of Android it is running, and the version of AC Central you have (touch the gear icon)

s-23+, SM-S916U, version 14 4.0.17