Playing freezes

Marvinh 2 months ago updated by Alisia 2 months ago 5

Someone in our congregation passed this on to me.  This was for both Android and iPhone.

AC Central hasn't been working very well for us.  Would freeze or stop no matter if we tried Rittman LIVE or other sermons.  I've heard others say the same thing

We have also had trouble with the Livestream randomly freezing each time we use it. It plays for awhile and then the audio suddenly stops. The only remedy I have found is to close the app entirely and reopen it. During a 30 min midweek sermon, we had to repeat these steps 7-8 times. 

We are using Android phones: Samsung A53 Android version 13 and Motorola Edge 2022 Android version 12

We don't have access to that iPhone any more.  For the Pixel 6/Android, it is version 13.

Thanks for the additional info. It would still be very helpful to know the operating systems of both devices.

Please provide more details from the users: make and model of their devices, what versions of the operating system, and the scenarios where it freezes (for instance, is it just audio livestream?)

Google Pixel 6 and iPhone 13 and would just circle like it was thinking at any random spot and not come on for a long time on both devices and happened on Livestream and also other past sermons that we would try to listen too. And was full bars WiFi so it wasn't our connection?