Live sermons cutting out

hartter sb 4 months ago updated 4 months ago 0

Maybe it's just me, but I've attempted listening to live sermons or a Bible study using an Android based phone since the update and can't hear the whole thing. So far I think whatever I've tried listening to has pulled up and I'll be able to start listening but after varying lengths of time there will be pauses. Sometimes the event will start coming through again for a time, but ultimately will stop eventually and a couple things may happen: 1) where the live stream had no time at the bottom right of the play length bar will appear the amount of time I had been listening. Then if I hit the play button I'll get to rehear what I had listened to for the amount of time I had just been listening. 2) the pause button may be visible with the motion indicating it is trying to refresh or whatever it is trying to do without ever getting anywhere.

If I go to the home page and select the same church's live stream again I'll come right back to the recently listened to sound clip or the circling pause button. If I select a different church and then go back to the original church I can start listening again for a time until the same issue happens again.

FWIW from someone who doesn't know a ton about technology. :-)