Sheet music not loading

Aaron Gerber 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 3

Simply put, when you clicked in the title of a hymn in the app, it uses to load and display the sheet music. Recently, it stopped working. I can still click lyrics at the top and they load, but the sheet music does not. 

i tried removing and reinstalling the app, but it made no difference. Hopefully the new version will make the difference

Thanks for checking. The device I'm on is a Pixel 6, fully updated. 

We cannot replicate that on our devices. Sheets are loading correctly on test iOS and Android devices. Do you have another phone or tablet you can check this on? It sounds like a device specific issue that likely would be resolved by deleting and re-installing the app. Note: AC Central v.4 (a completely new version) is coming out in a day or two so you could just wait for that update.