Rumble player vs. VIMEO

Joel 2 years ago updated by Admin 2 years ago 1

I see that alot of AC churches are using Vimeo for video, I wasn't sure if that was something Onward Media suggests, or if that is up to the individual churches. I saw that some news sites are moving their hosting from Vimeo to Rumble because it is cheaper, and there is less censorship. I wanted to throw that out there incase someone would start reporting sermons. I think hosting on a service that has more freedom of speech protections may be a better option so we don't wakeup one morning to find sermons missing, or churches blocked.

Thanks for the tip about Rumble. That is not a video platform that were aware of when we were evaluating our options. For now, we have settled on a Vimeo Enterprise account for the denomination and are using their API to integrate and manage video in AC Central. We will re-evaluate our options when it comes time for contract renewal.