Playback slider does not keep up

Samuel 2 years ago updated by Admin 2 years ago 4

While playing a sermon, the playback slider does not keep up with how much of the track has been listened to. You can be halfway through the sermon, but the slider is still around 25% of the bar. This makes it a little difficult to skip ahead because you first have to bring the slider up to where you are currently (by guessing), then clicking ahead to skip ahead in the audio.

Under review

So far, we have not been able to replicate this. We have Android test devices running v. 11 and older. Most of our Android users are actually still back on v.10 so we have not updated any tester to 12 yet. It seems likely this is a v.12 issue or something specific with your device.

If other Android 12 users are also experiencing this, please upvote this to help us pin this down.

Android 12 on a Samsung S10

Are you Android or iOS? What version of the OS and what is your device name and model?