The toggle to turn on Daily Prayer requests doesn’t work.

Crystal Wettstein 2 years ago updated by Admin 2 years ago 7
Satisfaction mark by Crystal Wettstein 2 years ago

I deleted & reinstalled the app & it’s working so far. Thanks. 

i have an iPhone. I tried to turn on the tab for the Daily Prayer Notifications but the tab won’t turn on (to green). It just stays off (on gray). The tab for Urgent Prayer Notfications is already turned on (to green). The time is set for 11:00 CT.

Thanks for the additional info and screenshots. Very helpful! We have not been able to replicate this issue. Assuming you have already restarted the app and restarted your device, the next thing to try is deleting and re-installing the app. Let us know if that fixes it.

Are you saying that you have a notification time set in Settings (the three lines "hamburger" icon) but you are not getting the daily notifications? Are you iOS or Android? What app version (that is listed on the Settings screen)?