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Zach P 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

Hello.  Is there a Swagger/OpenAPI Doc available for this service for extending this service to meet local church requirements?  Or do we need to reverse engineer the service in order to utilize the APIs?

We have several thoughts in mind. All center around system to system integration scenarios.

When we upload services to AC Central currently it often does not work the first time and we have to remote in several hours later and try again. We've tried this from the church and from various home locations and the result is the same. With a published API we could very easily schedule the service upload to occur in the evening hours when there's less congestion. Along the same lines, we have an existing software suite we're using for recording service details (ministers, chapters read, who had the prayer, special topics, etc.). We then re-key this information to AC Central (often multiple times due to the previously mentioned upload issues). It would be ideal to be able to use an AC Central API with some local programming to say at 10 PM on Sundays & midweek to reach into our local database to get service details, grab the mp3 off the load hard drive, and upload all to AC Central. We may even want to do this process one time to upload sermons older than the advent of AC Central.

A Swagger Doc + Azure Logic Apps (https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/logic-apps/) would allow us to do all of the above in a small handful of hours. We already have thousands of free dollars in sponsorship from Microsoft annually.  We've spent some time looking at AC Central's JavaScript programming and using development tools like Fiddler to run packet captures and have an idea of how we could accomplish the above without official documentation. However, it's always best for continuity reasons to utilize an officially supported API. We're sure that each church has their own set of business requirements and processes and so rather than trying to convince the national church that we need a local feature, we'd rather just be enabled to carry out the work ourselves.

Thanks for your consideration. 


Under review

This is not currently available. However, an all-new AC Central is in the works so this is something that could be considered once the initial work gets completed. What type of "local church requirements" are you needing to meet?