No current sermons available on iPad

Jan Smith 4 years ago updated by Tracy Leman 4 years ago 1

I am having the same issue on two older iPhones (iPhone 4 & iPhone 6) that I am trying to bring back into service for a grandparent who would like to use the phone for ACCentral Sermons. No sermons newer than 2018 would load on either phone, even though the current prayer requests and silver linings were available. I tried deleting and re-downloading the app on the iPhone 4, as well as a full-system restart on that device. Now the app just crashes whenever I click on sermons. The iPhone 4 is on iOS 7.1.2 and the 6 is on 10.3.3. I also deleted and re-installed the app on the iPhone 6, and it at least functions, but still will not load any sermons newer than December 2018. I could access the webpage, but that would not be user-friendly for a grandparent who is new to a smartphone 🙂