All AC Churches Member Directory

nataliekaehr2012 6 years ago updated by Aaron Bauman 5 years ago 2

All AC churches members database, maybe through the website or AC Central app, where people could log in and update their contact info at any time. I get a lot of Fb messages of people asking for my address, so this could help people out with wedding lists and Christmas card lists, if nothing else. I know there would also be cons to a member database, but I think, too, it might come in handy. You could select members and label template, then have it generate a Word document that's formatted according to your labels template. Or just have it generate an Excel or Word document if it couldn’t be used with labels and people can convert the report into labels on their own. 



I would find this feature very valuable, but I certainly have concerns over abuse, so I sympathize with those who have down-voted this topic.  

That being said, some benefits I see are:

Looking up addresses when I'm away from home and I don't have a church directory with me.

Those who put together our physical local church directory could use it as a mechanism for getting the latest addresses.

From a sound bench perspective, it would be nice to retrieve spelling of names of brothers from other congregations who have prayers at our church.

Just a few thoughts:  

Could access to the directory require a login?

Could we assign a local church "admin" that would be responsible for approving/granting access for their respective church members?

Could there be levels of access that each individual/family could grant for their information?

Level 1: Name only (Default), 

Level 2: Name & Address, 

Level 3: Name, Address, Phone, Email

Perhaps we could limit access of pieces of our information to our own congregation?  Ex. Anyone can see my name, but only my local congregation can see my name/address.

Could there be a way to "Report Abuse" if someone felt their address was misused.

If this were to move forward, I would perhaps defer adding the ability to download of lists of contacts until we saw how people respond to the address book.

Could downloading of lists be logged/recorded and could these logs be accessed by the local church admin?

I know security is a bit complex, these are just some questions/thoughts I've had over the years on this topic.

Thanks for posting this idea. This is something that has been recently discussed by the Elder Communications Committee but there were concerns about how a list like that might be misused (among other things). That doesn't mean the idea won't be revisited, especially if many others vote for this idea.