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Prayer request notification stops

Jeff Steiner 3 years ago updated by Admin 3 years ago 1

I haven't pinpointed exactly why and when, but I've noticed that I sometimes don't receive prayer request notifications for several days in a row.  When I realize I haven't seen one for a day or two, I will open the app and then I'll start receiving them consistently again.  If I don't open the app, I won't receive notifications until I do again. I think it might relate to when I re-start my phone, and it's like the app doesn't re-activate that feature until I open the app.

I'm using AC Central on a Samsung GS8 that I keep updated, and I'm happy to experiment to help figure out what might be happening.

SUGGESTION:  include a field in this interface to register the phone hardware we're using

Under review

Jeff - thanks for reporting this. We have not had any other complaints about this, but if others are experiencing it, hopefully they will vote up this (potential) bug post. If we do not hear from anyone else, we will eventually consider this to be a problem specific to your particular device. Please do let us know if you get to the bottom of the issue through your testing.

Good suggestion about a field for phone hardware. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like this feedback system can be customized that way