Add Next, & Play All buttons and organize hymns by book

calebschieler 5 years ago updated by Admin 5 years ago 5

Add Next, & Play All buttons and organize hymns by book. Also have the app save your spot on the list.

Seems the buttons are a bit impractical considering that the tunes you can play are not really for leisure listening, they are more for hearing the melody. The sheet music and lyrics should be the main focus of the Hymn section of the app. Thanks.

I see. Ok, that's fine. Just thought I'd ask. :-)

Caleb - regarding organizing the hymns by book, we'd love to do that but are currently prohibited from doing it for most of our hymn books since the compilations themselves are copyrighted.

Just curious which of our hymn books our church owns the copyright to the compilations?

Of the main hymn books, Zion's Harp is the only one we completely own. (This is probably also true of Zion's Melodies and Children's Harp, but we would need to verify that.)