Problems uploading sermons

Problem Report: 2019-April-20. Some churches are reporting problems uploading sermons. This appears to be a back-end problem and we have notified our software developers. They will be working on it this week as a top priority. Expect problems uploading sermons on Sunday. Thanks for your patience.

Update: 2019-April 24. Our developers are working with our cloud storage tech support but have not resolved the issue yet. It is likely it will not be fixed by Weds night. One observation that may be useful is that smaller sermon files (< 30MB) seem to upload without problems but larger ones (50 - 75MB) often fail. Since most sermons are approximately the same length, the size difference has to be in the way files are saved. Try experimenting with using higher compression or different codecs when saving your mp3 to reduce the file size.

Update: 2019-April 26.  We most likely will not have the upload issue solved before Sunday. However, we are nearly certain now that the problem is with our new cloud storage provider so we plan to move to a different storage provider early next week. If all goes well, things should be working by Weds evening.

Update: 2019-May 1. Tech support teams from India and various parts of the US began talking directly together (instead of just trading emails and support ticket posts) and sharing code early this week. Additional consultants were also pulled in. As such, we delayed the storage provider switch in hopes we would get to a fix. Unfortunately, a solution appears unlikely in the short term so we have now initiated the file transfer so we can move data storage providers. Unfortunately, that will take a couple days, but everything should be done before Sunday AM. Please pray that this can get successfully resolved!

Update: 2019-May 3. AC Central is now hooked up to a different file storage provider. File uploads are now succeeding 95% of the time in our testing. The last few weeks of uploads have not completed syncing over yet so they won't play yet in the apps, but that should be finished prior to Sunday. If your church continues having upload issues, we have opened a bug ticket so that you can post your detailed comments there. Go to:

Update 2019-May 5. The file sync is not yet complete so uploads from approx. the last month are not available on the app yet. They will not download or play. Should be done by Monday, possibly late Sunday. 

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