This topic is no longer relevant for newer Android versions, as all app files are inaccessible by a file browser.

I download sermons and play in Podcast Addict so that I can use my speed controls (most sermons = ^^^^^ and a few [Brother Uriel Gehring!?!?] = vvvvv).  I was able to find the folder on my phone used to store the files and add it to Podcast Addict as a virtual podcast, and since I usually only have one or two downloaded at a time, this filename (and description) issue isn't a huge concern, but I concur with the suggestion.  However, if you're able to give us speed controls in the Android version, then I probably will stop using Podcast Addict!  :-)


Re: Android speed controls. That will definitely be coming - eventually. We can't say when yet as we unfortunately are currently looking for a new developer. Our existing one will no longer be available after the next update (now in the pipeline) is done.